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When you need polishing and finessing products, we offer an extensive inventory to meet your needs. You will find a variety of wool polishing felt products that are suitable for use in polishing all types of products and materials, including stainless steel, medical equipment, high-grade furniture, glass products, and more. Our high quality finesse interface pads are available in a variety of different sizes to meet your needs. We also carry a variety of finessing and sanding hand tools. In addition, we carry bonded premium foam polishing pads as well as sheepskin bonnets. These bonnets are crafted from premium sheepskin. Typically used for applying a finial finish polish on surfaces with the use of a rubbing compound, these sheepskin bonnets will help you to achieve a beautiful finish. Our Bulfex polishing systems offer a distinctive wet sanding solution and include a specially formulated soft pad for easy, fast polishing in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Wool Polishing Felt

  • Sheepskin Bonnet

  • Buflex Polishing System

  • Premium Waterproof Paper

  • Finesse Interface Pads
  • Bonded Premium Foam Polishing Pads 5/8-11 Thread

  • Finessing & Sanding Hand Tools