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Buflex® Polishing System

Buflex,a unique wet sanding system,integrates an ultra-flexible latex sheet and a specially formulated soft pad that cuts fast with a shallow scratch pattern,which is easier to polish than grit 3000 or finer.In addition,because of Bufflex's flexibility,it can even polish the inside valleys of orange peel without eliminating its texture,making matching OEM finishes a breeze.

Compound polishing processes can be largly reduced and thus achieving the best finish in the shortest time.

Size Quantity Description Part Number List Price (package)

3" x 5" Grey 25 Buflex Sheets 208000
3" x 5" Green 25 Buflex Sheets 208002
3" x 5" Pad 2 Buflex Pad soft 208004
3" x 5" Pad 2 Buflex Pad hard 208005
6" Pad 2 Buflex Pad 208006
6" dia Grey 25 Buflex Discs 208001
6" dia Green 25 Buflex Discs 208003

Karina Fasteners Ltd., Saint-Laurent, QC