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Adhesive 010 - 100% Acrylic, plasticizer resistant with very good heat resistance.
Uses: interior of cars (vinyl), glass, aluminum,acrylic, paper, etc.

Adhesive 03 - General purpose rubber based P.S.A. very tacky with very good heat resistance.
Uses: polyethylene, polypro, other plastics (with exception of vinyl), textiles, glass, wood, metal, etc.

Adhesive 09 - General purpose resin based P.S.A. very tacky with high heat resistance.
Uses: textiles, glass, wood,acrylic, metal and high temp high tack applications etc.


Note: Above prices are for 550 yards (20s rolls) and over per order. Hook and Loop can be combined for above prices. For orders of less than 550 yards add 20% to above price.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission

Hook and Loop Tapes with Pressure Sensitive Adheasive Backing

Size Quantity (minimum) Description Part Number Price (yard) List Price (roll)

¼" PSA 192 yard Hook 209000H
Loop 209000L
3/8" PSA 137 yard Hook 209001H
Loop 209001L
½" PSA 27.5 yard Hook 209002H
Loop 209002L
5/8" PSA 27.5 yard Hook 209003H
Loop 209003L
¾" PSA 27.5 yard Hook 209004H
Loop 209004L
1" PSA 27.5 yard Hook 209005H
Loop 209005L
1½" PSA 27.5 yard Hook 209006H
Loop 209006L
2" PSA 27.5 yard Hook 209007H
Loop 209007L

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