We carry a variety of abrasive discs and sheets to suit your needs. Our zirconium discs are designed with the highest quality materials to ensure they are able to hold up any type of task. These premium abrasive sanding discs are suitable for a variety of different types of applications. We also carry sil carbide sanding sponges as well as silicone carbide sanding discs. These discs are designed to save you both time and money. Ideal for industrial use, these discs feature a durable backing that will hold up to even the toughest of use. They are also designed to allow for quick changing thanks to their unique design. In addition, due to their durable design, these pads will not separate from their backing like lesser quality materials. No matter what type of abrasive rolls or sheets that you may need, we have an extensive array of products to meet your needs.

  • Hook-on Alox Resin Bond E-Wt Paper Abrasives Sheets
  • Hook-on Zirconium Resin Bond E-Wt Paper Sanding Discs & Sheets
  • Sil Carbide Sanding Sponges
  • Blue Zirconium Hook-on X-Wt Polyester Cloth Abrasives rolls
  • Green Zirconium/w Lubricant Hook-on X-Wt Polyester Cloth Abrasive sheets
  • Alox Hook-on X-Wt Polyester Cloth Abrasive Discs
  • Blue Zirconium PSA X-Wt Polyester Cloth Sanding rolls
  • Green Zirconium/w Lubricant PSA
  • X-Wt Polyester Cloth Sanding rolls
  • Alox PSA X-Wt Polyester Cloth Sanding sheets
  • Hook-on Red Non Loading Alox Paper Abrasives rolls & Sheets
  • PSA Paper Red Non Loading Alox Paper
  • Premium Hook-on Sil/Carbide Paper from Grit 80 to 600 Sheets
  • Hook-on Silicone Carbide Sanding rolls combination Paper grit 16 to 80
  • Hook-on Premium Film sheets in Grit 320 to 2000