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We offer a variety of different sizes of cut-off wheels. Also known as parting wheels, these products are commonly used for quickly removing, trimming, or cutting a variety of products. Fibre-reinforced, these cut-off wheels may also be used in a variety of different applications, including notching, grinding, and cutting on tubing, structural steel, machine shop, auto, and sheet metal applications. Constructed from only the highest quality materials, these cut-off wheels offer a low cost per cut as well as a long life. We provide a variety of different sizes and diameters to meet your specific application needs. These high-quality cut-off wheels are distinctively designed to provide an event, constant cutting performance from beginning to end. When you need sharp, clean-cutting action, our line of cut-off wheels will meet your needs with precision. When a saw alone is not sufficient for getting the job done, our cut-off wheels are the ideal solution.

Cut-Off Wheels

Fibre reinforced

Size Max RPM Description
7"x .045"x7/8" 8,732 T27 A60-TB
Thin reinforced
6"x .045"x7/8" 10,200 T27 A60-TB
Thin reinforced
5"x .045"x7/8" 12,200 T27 A60-TB
Thin reinforced
41/2"x .045"x7/8" 13,300 T27 A60-TB
Thin reinforced
20"x 5/32"x 1"hole 2,712 T1A A36-RB
16"x 1/8"x 1"hole 3,820 T1A A36-RB
14"x 7/64"x 1"hole 4,365 T1A A36-CHOP
12"x 3/32"x 1"hole 5,092 T1A A36-RB
7"x 1/16"x 11/4"hole 8,732 T1A A46-TB
7"x 1/16"x 5/8"hole 8,732 T1A A60-TB
7"x 1/32"x 11/4"hole 8,732 T1A A60-TB
7"x 1/32"x 5/8"hole 8,732 T1A A60-TB
12"x 7/64"x 11/4"hole 5,092 T1A A46-CHOP
4"x 1/16"x 3/8"hole 19,000 T1A A46-TB
4"x 1/32"x 3/8"hole 19,000 T1A A60-TB
3"x 1/16"x 3/8"hole 25,000 T1A A46-TB
3"x 1/16"x 1/4"hole 25,000 T1A A46-TB
3"x 1/32"x 3/8"hole 25,000 T1A A60-TB
3"x 1/32"x 1/4"hole 25,000 T1A A60-TB
Quantity Part Number List Price (each)
25 215009
25 215008
25 215007
25 215006
1 215005
1 215004
1 215003
1 215002
10 215026
10 215025
10 215024
10 215023
1 215001
50 215018
50 215017
50 215016
50 215015
50 215014
50 215013

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