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Overview of Abrasive Quick Change Discs

Posted by: Admin | Date: 13-12-2016

For general purpose stock removal, deburring, and grinding, abrasive quick change discs work incredibly well. These same discs are commonly used for other things, including the removal of paint, scale oxidation, protective wax, and welds.


Industrial Applications for Abrasives

Posted by: Admin | Date: 08-11-2016

Today, the list of industries that use abrasive products and applications is quite extensive. Whether you are working with sandpaper, a polisher, a grinding wheel, a tumbler, a cutoff wheel, or something else, an abrasive is used to wear down the surface of something softer and less resistant.


The Many Uses of Polishing Pads

Posted by: Admin | Date: 06-10-2016

The list of industries that use polishing pads is quite extensive. To better understand just how valuable these pads are, it helps to learn about the different types available and their applications.


Getting Flawless Results with Abrasions

Posted by: Admin | Date: 23-07-2016

Whether used for debarring or finishing, abrasions produce amazing results. Of course, for the desired outcome, it is imperative for the manufacturing company to use the right type of abrasive wheel, which can vary in size and density. The exact surface being worked is also a key factor when choosing abrasions. For instance, a different abrasive wheel is used based on the surface material, whether steel, metal, or stainless steel. Even a grain or satin finish can be achieved by using the appropriate abrasion.


Introduction of Abrasive Quick Change Discs

Posted by: Admin | Date: 05-07-2016

To speed up work and maximize productivity, downtime must be minimized. To accomplish this, manufacturers that offer deburring, polishing, grinding, and other similar services commonly rely on abrasive quick change discs from reputable companies like Sandmate. These discs ensure a fluid operation that results in a faster finished product, but without added expense.



Posted by: Admin | Date: 11-06-2016

At Sandmate/Karina Fasteners, we offer a wide range of sanding and polishing products. For more than 30 years, we have been a trusted source, having built a solid reputation of working hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Among the many things we manufacture are polishing disks, which are designed to create a clean, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing surface.



Posted by: Admin | Date: 01-06-2016

Unlike more conventional sanding screens and blocks, sanding sponges are used specifically for drywall in residential and commercial building. Commonly referred to as wet sanding, this is cleaner and easier than using traditional sanding methods. In most cases, sanding sponges are slightly dampened, which requires rinsing and wringing throughout the drywall hanging process.


Understanding Grit 2000 Discs

Posted by: Admin | Date: 16-05-2016

Grit 2000 discs are designed for a very specific purpose. At Sandmate/Karina Fasteners, we offer a full time of sanding, grinding, and polishing tools and accessories that can accommodate virtually any job. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, we are 100% confident in every product manufactured and sold.


Polishing Pad Applications

Posted by: Admin | Date: 01-05-2016

In addition to the airplane, aerospace, and automotive industries, many smaller industries rely on superior-quality polishing pads. For outstanding results, regardless of surface material and industry, you want to purchase polishing pads from a trusted source like Sandmate. With this company, you have complete confidence in both product quality and integrity.


Different Uses of Polishing Pads

Posted by: Admin | Date: 25-04-2016

Polishing pads are used to create a smooth finish on a variety of materials. As with all the products manufactured at Sandmate/Karina Fasteners, our pads are made by professionals with specific expertise and constructed of only the highest quality materials available.


Benefits of Paint Removal Discs

Posted by: Admin | Date: 28-03-2016

As the name implies, paint removal discs are designed specifically for applications where paint needs to be eliminated from the surface. Whether taking paint off a car, house, or piece of machinery, these discs are highly efficient.


Benefits of Popular Polishing Abrasives

Posted by: Admin | Date: 22-02-2016

For more than 30 years, Sandmate/Karina Fasteners has been a leading manufacturer of products used for sanding to include top quality polishing abrasives. Regardless of the industry or application, we stand behind every product made and sold.


Choosing the Best Diamond Polishing Pads

Posted by: Admin | Date: 22-01-2016

Polishing pads are used within multiple industries and for virtually hundreds of applications. However, when it comes to concrete finishing, diamond polishing pads are without doubt the best choice. Because there are so many different brands on the market, it is important to rely on a trusted source like Sandmate/Karina Fasteners.


Different Abrasives used in Grinding Discs

Posted by: Admin | Date: 29-12-2015

At Sandmate/Karina Fasteners, we offer different grinding discs, each designed for very specific purposes. Also referred to as grinding wheels, regardless it is important to remember that these are a type of abrasive cutting tool. Although they have the ability to perform much the same function associated with a saw, grinding discs are made with thousands of tough and hard abrasive grains used to cut away small pieces of materials.


Rules for Using Sanding Disks

Posted by: Admin | Date: 26-11-2015

Sanding disks are designed to make small and large jobs alike easier. Instead of sanding surfaces by hand the old-fashioned way with sandpaper, these disks attach to a sander and do the labor for you. Whether sanding glass, wood, plastic, metal, or some other surface, it is essential to choose the right size and grit.


Common Types of Abrasive Accessories

Posted by: Admin | Date: 30-10-2015

Regardless of industry, machinery, or item, it is important to choose abrasives and abrasive accessories from a trusted source. While the competition is tough, our team of professionals at Sandmate/Karina Fasteners are 100% dedicated to every customer. We take into consideration every aspect of the job to ensure you use the appropriate products that not only make sanding processes easier and faster but those that also produce an excellent outcome.


Tips for Using DA Sanding Pads

Posted by: Admin | Date: 30-09-2015

Among the many high quality products manufactured and sold at Sandmate/Karina Fasteners are DA sanding pads. These pads are “dual action” and designed specifically to be used with a dual action or DA sanding disc. This type of sander typically has two modes, grinder and random orbital. Because of this, is can accomplish tough jobs.


Advantages of Velcro Sanding Pads

Posted by: Admin | Date: 29-08-2015

For over 30 years, Sandmate/Karina Fasteners has been a trusted leader when it comes to different sanding products and accessories. Because our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge of the business, everything manufactured and sold is not only high quality but also backed by a solid company guarantee.


What Is a Flap Disc?

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-07-2015

A flap disc is a series of coated abrasive flaps that have been bonded onto the top surface of a specialized disc. As the flaps wear away, the discs provide continual access to new and sharply abrasive grains. One of the benefits of this type of product is that it can perform both grinding and finishing functions at the same time. The reason that a flap disc is able to provide this type of benefit is the arrangement of the flaps. Arranged in a fan-like manner on a fiberglass backing, the flap disc can be beneficial for a variety of different industries.


What Is a Coated Abrasive?

Posted by: Admin | Date: 30-06-2015

The term coated abrasive is commonly used, but there is sometimes a degree of misunderstanding regarding what is involved in this type of product. Coated abrasives are constructed by bonding specific types of abrasive grains to a substrate through the use of specific adhesives. The most common types of substrates used in conjunction with coated abrasives are cloth, paper, plastic films, and vulcanized fiber. The key is for the substrate to be flexible. Grit sizes for coated abrasives range in size from extremely coarse to ultrafine.


Understanding How Abrasives Work

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-03-2015

Abrasives can be used in a variety of different industrial applications, particularly for finishing or shaping a workpiece. This is typically accomplished by gradually wearing away layers of the relevant workpiece. In addition, an abrasive may also be used to obtain a smooth, reflective surface. Commonly used in technological, domestic, and industrial applications, abrasives may be used for polishing, grinding, honing, buffing, cutting, lapping, sharpening, drilling, and sanding.


Understanding Elements Affecting the Speed of Abrasion

Posted by: Admin | Date: 25-02-2015

A variety of factors can be involved in the speed at which a substance may be abraded through the use of an abrasive disc or pad. One of those factors is the difference that exists between the workpiece and the abrasive material. An abrasive that is much harder than the material that is being worked on will cut in a faster and deeper manner.


Types of Available Abrasive Grains

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-01-2015

In choosing the best type of abrasive disc for your needs, it is also important to understand the differences between various types of abrasive grains. Aluminum oxide is one of the most common types of abrasive grains that may be used for such applications. This type of grain may be used on its own or it may also be used with other types of components, such as emery. Although aluminum oxide is a common abrasive material, there are also many other types of materials that may be used, including silicon carbide, tungsten carbine, garnet, and aluminum-zirconia.


Tips for Using an Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel

Posted by: Admin | Date: 19-12-2014

Abrasive Cut-off wheels can prove to be helpful in a variety of different applications. In order to take full advantage of those benefits; however, it is important to make certain that the cut-off wheel is used in the proper manner. First, it is important for the operator to sound the cut-off wheel prior to use. This process is also known as a ring check.


Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Cut-Off Wheel for the Project

Posted by: Admin | Date: 15-11-2014

A variety of factors is involved in choosing the right type of abrasive cut-off wheel for your needs. Among those factors is the type of material on which cuts will be made. In addition, it is important to ascertain the type of grinding, sanding, or cutting that is required for the specified project. All types of cut-off wheels are available, including those that are ideal for simple grinding, cutting, and sanding projects.


Guidelines for Staying Safe While Using Cut Off Wheels

Posted by: Admin | Date: 23-10-2014

Along with performing an inspection prior to the use of a cut off wheel, it is also important for operators to follow certain safety guidelines when using these products. Specifically, it is important for operators to always wear proper safety equipment, including appropriate clothing and goggles.


Different Types of Abrasive Disc Backing

Posted by: Admin | Date: 25-09-2014

Abrasive discs are available in many different types of backing. In order to ensure that you are able to achieve the best results, it is important to select the type of backing that is most suitable for the job at hand. Cloth discs are among the most common types of backing for abrasive discs. Constructed of woven fabrics, such as cotton


Cloth and Paper Abrasive Discs Offer a Variety of Applications

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-08-2014

Abrasive discs are available in a variety of different types of materials to achieve various final results. Among the different types of abrasive products that are available are cloth and paper discs. With this type of product, the abrasive grains are adhered onto the surface of film or cloth.


Achieving the Right Finish with Sanding Sheets

Posted by: Admin | Date: 16-07-2014

Does your shop or company need sanding sheets? They can prove to be beneficial for a variety of different applications. Sanding sheets are typically constructed as a pad or abrasive sheet that is features abrasive grain adhered onto a film, cloth, non-woven, paper, or other type of surface.


Abrasive Discs Offer a Host of Benefits for Various Industries

Posted by: Admin | Date: 17-06-2014

Abrasive discs can provide an array of benefits in a variety of circumstances. Comprised of abrasive grain that is adhered onto the surface of film, cloth, non-woven, paper, or other type of backing, these products are beneficial for a variety of different applications. In particular, they are most commonly used for sanding, finishing, and grinding.