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Achieving the Right Finish with Sanding Sheets

Posted by: Admin | Date: 16-07-2014

Does your shop or company need sanding sheets? They can prove to be beneficial for a variety of different applications. Sanding sheets are typically constructed as a pad or abrasive sheet that is features abrasive grain adhered onto a film, cloth, non woven abrasives, paper, or other type of surface.

Abrasive sheets are most commonly used for smoothing and sanding wood surfaces, but they may also be used for smoothing and sanding a variety of other types of materials, such as metals and plastics. In the event that the surface that is to be sanded requires a significant amount of sanding, it may be necessary to begin with a more coarse type of paper rather than a fine grain. This will help to reduce the amount of time that is required to achieve the desired finish. Fine paper can also be used to finish the surface of the chosen material so that it has a smooth touch.

While sanding sheets can prove to be helpful in many applications, in other circumstances, it may be better to use different types of abrasive products, such as sanding discs or even sanding sponges. With a variety of different types of sanding products available, it is easy to find the right type of product to achieve the necessary result.