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Abrasive Discs Offer a Host of Benefits for Various Industries

Posted by: Admin | Date: 17-06-2014

Abrasive discs can provide an array of benefits in a variety of circumstances. Comprised of abrasive grain that is adhered onto the surface of film, cloth, non-woven, paper, or other type of backing, these products are beneficial for a variety of different applications. In particular, they are most commonly used for sanding, finishing, and grinding discs. Abrasive discs often feature a round shape, but there are also petal shapes that are available for use with specific applications and in specific industries.

The abrasive grains used on abrasive discs are often used for paint removal discs, glass, metal, ceramics, and plastics. Useful in a variety of industries, abrasive discs are particularly helpful for surface preparation. Relevant processes for the use of abrasive discs may include cleaning, sanding, polishing, and wet and dry grinding.

In order to ensure the most optimal outcome with the use of abrasive discs, it is important to ensure that the most appropriate abrasive disc backing and type of abrasive grain is selected for the relevant job at hand. In addition, it is important to ensure that you choose the highest quality abrasive discs possible for a superior finish and long-lasting use.